American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
American Association of Public Health Dentistry
American Dental Association
Research Issues of Important to the Practicing Dentist
Brazilian Dental Journal
Dentistry on the Internet (Temple University Continuing Education Course on the WWW)
EurekAlert (A Research News Server in Science, Medicine and Technology)
FREE MEDLINE (From the US National Library of Medicine)
Guidelines for Research Conduct
Healthy People 2010 (What's planned for health objectives in 2010? Provide your imput)
Karolinska Institute
National Institute of Dental Research
Short-Term Training for Oral Health Clinical Trials
Research America
Surgeon General Report on Oral Health (Track the progress of this important development)
Thomas: Information from the Library of Congress
University of Michigan Dentistry Library
WHO - Oral Health
WHO Oral Health Country / Area Profile Program

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