A edição de 2023 do Prêmio  IADR Hatton Competition and Awards – Brazilian Division    acontecerá durante a IADR/LAR General Session & Exhibition em Bogotá, Colombia, no mês de junho de 2023.
A inscrição e submissão deverá ser feita diretamente pelo site da IADR, até o dia 24 de janeiro de 2023 . Os trabalhos selecionados serão apresentados remotamente, em plataforma específica.

Nesta edição do Prêmio é necessário:
* estar em dia com as anuidades da SBPqO, incluindo 2023, previamente a submissão;
* estar em dia com as anuidades IADR, incluindo 2023;
* realizar o pagamento da inscrição para a 101st  IADR/LAR General Session & Exhibition em Bogotá para apresentação dos trabalhos selecionados.

A submissão do resumo deverá ser feita pelo link: https://www.iadr.org/2023iags/abstracts-and-session-proposals.

Durante o envio de resumos na Etapa 3: Propriedades, encontrar o local para inscrição na modalidade IADR Hatton Competition anda Award – Brazilian Dividion - SBPqO:

IADR Hatton Competition and Awards – Brazilian Division (SBPqO members only)

The Brazilian Division of the IADR (SBPqO) is entitled to send qualified individuals to compete in the IADR Hatton Competition and Awards. These individuals will be selected based on an oral presentation competition to be held during the IADR General Session & Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia.
The competition is designed for outstanding young researchers selected from all IADR divisions to present their work at the IADR Annual Meetings. The IADR will award each candidate chosen in each Division of the IADR with funding to participate and present the winning project at the General Session & Exhibition of the IADR in New Orleans, USA in 2024. More information will be made available later on by the IADR.

1. Abstract submission:

a) candidate profile:
the candidate must be a member of SBPqO and fulfill the following requirements: the project must be original, well-planned, and carefully executed at the postgraduate level (master's or Ph.D) in a Brazilian institution or must be a work developed within three years after obtaining the Ph.D degree and that is directly connect to a Brazilian Institution.
During the submission of the abstract, a document must be uploaded (PDF file) proving that the presenter is enrolled in a postgraduate course or a proof of that the thesis defense occurred less than three years ago and that the work was developed within a Brazilian Institution.

novelty of the work: the results of the work, or any part of it, cannot be previously published in any way, including as an abstract or presented at a national or international scientific meeting (excluding institutional meetings).

2) Abstract selection:

The SBPqO Edward H. Hatton Awards Committee will select abstracts via blind review of those who applied for the Competition. Individuals will be later notified of acceptance to participate in the competition. Abstracts that were not accepted for this competition will be subject to the IADR’s standard review process and, if accepted, will be placed in the appropriate session for the annual meeting.

Selected competitors must submit an extended abstract in English - up to but not exceeding the limit of 7,000 characters (including spaces), which will be reviewed by the SBPqO Edward H. Hatton Awards Committee and will be judged as part of the competition. The idea here is to provide more details of the work to the reviewers The extended abstracts must be submitted via email (sbpqo@sbpqo.org.br).

The extended abstract should be organized under the following headings: Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Figures/Tables (if necessary). References should be listed alphabetically. References and their citations should follow the Journal of Dental Research style.

NOTE: Failure to submit the expanded abstract within the deadline or failure to comply with the requirements of the files will prevent the author from participating in the competition.

3) Presentation:

Candidates will present their work, in English, as an oral presentation (10 minutes) during the competition. In addition, each present will respond to 10 minutes period of question-and-answer by the reviewer panel. The presentation should have no more than four slides and should not contain any animation. The content of the project presented during the Competition must be precisely the same as that shown in the initially submitted abstract. If changes are identified by the reviewers, the project will be removed from the competition. Changing presenters is not allowed as well. The presentation can only be performed by the primary author of the project.

4) Judging criteria

The SBPqO Hatton Awards Committee will judge all entries weighting the final grade as follows: 20% for extended abstract, 40% for oral presentation (up to 10 minutes), and 40% for the question-and-answer period (not to exceed 15 minutes). The evaluation criteria will be the same as those described by the IADR: 1) originality and study design, 2) quality of the results, 3) adequacy of the adopted analysis methods, 4) scientific merit of the project, 5) quality of the oral presentation, 6) mastery of the topic presented.

SBPqO will select the two most outstanding presentations in the competition. Both SBPqO Hatton winners will be announced at the SBPqO website (www.sbpqo.org.br) and they will compete in the IADR Hatton Competition and Awards at the IADR General Session & Exhibit in New Orleans, USA, in 2024.